Monday, July 23, 2012

Casing and Wall Plans for the Living Room

I decided that I could perfectly plan out how I was going to make my first post (and spend so much time on it that I never actually get around to posting) or I could just go with it!

My current project is the Living Room.
We spend a lot of time in it and it needed the most work out of the entire house (more on that later). 
Right now I am tackling the ugly drywall that was hiding under the paneling behind the couch.  The rest of the drywall was nice and easy to tape and mud right over, but not this wall!

Ug, horrible slats of drywall everywhere!  I freaked myself out wondering what could be crawling in and out, so I threw up a sloppy mudding job until I thought up what to do with it.  Now the time has come to cover up that ugly wall and be one step closer to Living Room Completeness!

For this wall I have decided to go with the classic (and ever-popular) board and batten treatment that I actually plan to carry through most of the house.
Then there is that cavernous opening that is calling for some detail-work that will make a grand statement.
Thanks to A Charming Nest, I was able to quickly draw up plans and a lumber list to start this project off.

Well, that is it for now; there is a lot of mudding in my future to get the walls ready for treatment!